Designer I Admire: Meg Braff

So I posted that gorgeous room with the french blue ceiling on Friday, and over the weekend I started thinking, I love me some Meg Braff.  Seriously y'all, her rooms are so happy and light, and she's definitely a friend of the blue and white brigade.  Here are some gorgeous rooms from her portfolio.

Her work is also featured in the May issue of House Beautiful.  There is lots of blue and white loveliness in that issue, but the Palm Beach home by Mizz Braff wins the prize.  It was so good, I actually read the article in which she provides some tips for decorating on a budget, something I can always use! (Pardon the tears and wrinkles in the images, I was a bit overzealous in tearing out the pages)

In conclusion, she's awesome.  

Have a lovely Monday! 
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