Is This...? Is This...?

If you have I-Photo on your computer you may be using a relatively new feature there called Faces. The program magically scrolls through your photos and helps you categorize them using facial recognition.
I have folders there of Meazi and Melese. You can tag your photos, just like Facebook. Is this Meazi? It asks me, Is this Melese? Meazi may also be in the pictures below,  it tells me.

If you are like me and you traveled to Ethiopia you may have all of your trip photos in your I-Photo. If you are like me and you are just sitting there, organizing your stuff, you might find yourself suddenly overcome.

Is this Meazi?
Is this Melese?

 Melese may also be in the picture below.

It is a bit jarring to see these pop up amid some bright colorful pics of a friend's recent birthday party. Sometimes I have to look twice. I wonder about these kids, and how their day is going. I wonder if they have eaten, or if they are sick.

Just something I noticed. Try it. Batch your trip photos with your everyday photos, and start searching for the faces of your kiddos. Is that them?
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